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Values and Objectives

The Little English Kindergarten aims to create an environment where children can be safe, happy and motivated to learn. The teachers are there to listen and support the children. The kindergarten also wants to nurture an environment that is open, honest and warm. Children are always welcomed with open arms whenever they want a hug. The children should feel at home and secure while at the day care centre. The kindergarten has three main values, which are listed and described below.

Every child is unique and deserves high quality care and education

Children have the right to play and have fun

Caring for the environment, ourselves and for each other

The kindergarten adopts an inclusive approach that promotes cooperation amongst the children. The teachers will carefully design activities that develop team working skills. The day care encourages children to help others. For example, if somebody loses something, the whole class can help search for it. Furthermore, tolerance for others and different cultures is encouraged. Children are taught to share and not leave others out of play. Bullying is not tolerated but immediately dealt with.